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Feature/improved deepsharq building


Add to setup dependencies including recursively setting up full-search (streamline dependency installation).

Let cmake build full-search and symbolically link the generated dependencies.

We use the generated from compiling the tflitec crate instead of compiling it ourselves.

Generic build:

  1. ./
  2. cd build; cmake ..
  3. make

Handling offline cpu cores

In some virtualized environments (i.e. LXC containers) cpu cores can be online or offline. PRRT already uses the optional PRRT_CORES environment variable that addresses this issue for thread pinning the sender and receiver threads. Use the same mechanism for the timer threads. This change preserves the default core assignment:

  • core 0 -> timer threads
  • core 1 -> sender thread
  • core 2 -> receiver thread

Quick PRRT_CORES setup: export PRRT_CORES=$(cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/online)

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