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<a name="2015.6.0"></a>
# 2015.6.0
## Features
- Relaying Feature introduced. The visualization can now be used to inform the Floodlight controller of existing relays inside the network. Check out for more information.
- Device thumbnails can now be initialized by a deviceId.
- ARP opcodes are properly displayed.
- Worker's poll interval is now configurable.
- Sessions are now persisted as files and are not dropped by restarting the server.
## Improvements
- README contains frequently asked questions.
- Update third party libraries (lodash, AngularJS).
- Replace Grunt task runner with Gulp.
- NOX support is dropped to unify interfaces.
- Link manipulation code removed.
- Demo mode restrictions are now also enforced on the server side.
- Used JSHint and removed several problems.
- Several bug fixes.
- Start applying an Angular Style guide to the code.
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