Commit 0039d154 authored by Philipp Tennigkeit's avatar Philipp Tennigkeit

show topology if no connection can be found

parent ecbd398a
Pipeline #2550 passed with stage
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......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ class SPBSwitchApp(app_manager.RyuApp):
self._print_event("SWITCH", "Forwarding from {0} to {1} via {2}".format(dpid, next_hop, out_port), ev)
self._print_event("SWITCH", "No path for {0} to {1} from {2}".format(src, dst, dpid_to_str(dpid)), ev)
self._print_event("TOPOLOGY", "{0}".format(, ev)
out_port = ofproto.OFPP_FLOOD
actions = [parser.OFPActionOutput(out_port)]
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