Commit f47333ab authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt
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Speed-up happens before by using pandas logical operations.

parent b6c6d92d
......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ def _happens_before(df, a, b, config):
check if a happens-before b in the trace
l = len(df[a])
# check whether a and b occur in the same thread. If so, a and b cannot be
# concurrent.
ta = _get_thread_for_event(config, a)
......@@ -25,23 +24,15 @@ def _happens_before(df, a, b, config):
cname_a = str(a)[:-2] + "_C"
cname_b = str(b)[:-2] + "_C"
if (ta == tb and ta != None and tb != None):
for i in range(l):
tsa = df[a].iloc[i]
tsb = df[b].iloc[i]
if tsa > tsb:
return False
csa = df[cname_a].iloc[i]
csb = df[cname_b].iloc[i]
if tsa == tsb and csa > csb and csb != 0:
return False
return True
tg = df[a] > df[b]
if tg.any():
return False
df2 = df[df[a] == df[b]]
return not ((df2[cname_a] > df2[cname_b]) & df2[cname_b] != 0).any()
# since a and b occur in different threads, we cannot compare cyclestamps.
# If in doubt, a and b are concurrent.
for i in range(l):
if df[a].iloc[i] >= df[b].iloc[i]:
return False
return True
return not (df[a] >= df[b]).any()
def _fast_happens_before(df, a, b, hb):
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