Commit b7d5f55c authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt
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Timestamping scratch row is now ignored.

parent acdb88b5
......@@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ static inline unsigned long long timestampByTime(struct timespec *ts)
void XlapTimestampTableDump(FILE *out, XlapTimestampPacketKind kind, XlapTimestampTable *table)
# define OUT(id) fprintf(out, ",%llu,%llu", timestampByTime(&table->rows[row].time[ts_##id].actual.t), (unsigned long long) table->rows[row].time[ts_##id].actual.c);
for (unsigned int row = 0; row < TS_ROWS; row++) {
// Start at 1 to remove the scratch row 0 from output.
for (unsigned int row = 1; row < TS_ROWS; row++) {
fprintf(out, "%u,%u", row, (unsigned) kind);
PP_foreach(PP_join_space, OUT, TIMESTAMP_ID_LIST)
fprintf(out, "\n");
......@@ -18,9 +18,8 @@ def _extract_stamps_by_src_and_kind(all_stamps, src, kind=None):
return [x + "_T" for x in columns] + [x + "_C" for x in columns]
def _evaluate_file(file_name, stamps, kind, sender=False):
# Remove first line, as this is the dummy line for intermittently storing data.
df = pd.read_csv(file_name)[1:]
def _evaluate_file(file_name, stamps, kind, measured_column, sender=False):
df = pd.read_csv(file_name)
df = df[df["Kind"] == kind].drop(["Kind"], axis=1).set_index("SeqNo")
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