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Safety notes

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......@@ -54,9 +54,7 @@ use xlap::Kind::*;
use xlap::TimestampId::*;
Whereever you want to instrument your code, put one of the macros wrapped in
an `unsafe` block.
This is currently necessary as the safty analysis has not been done yet.
Whereever you want to instrument your code, put one of the macros.
In the main application, initialize X-Lap.
......@@ -78,6 +76,14 @@ unsafe { xlap::dump!("path/to/output.csv", &[TABLE1, TABLE2]) }
to select which table to dump.
### Memory Safety
Most of the functions in X-Lap are `unsafe`, but the macros hide this, which is not optimal.
This is to prevent all the `unnessecary unsafe` warnings that would be generated otherwise in case X-Lap is disabled.
It has to be assured, that no two threads write the same timestamp in the same table for the same index at the same time.
Furthermore, before dumping data out, it has to be assured, that all of the timestamps have been written.
## How to install X-Lap? (C-version / python analysis tools)
Install the following prerequisites via pip: `numpy`, `scipy`, `pandas`, `matplotlib`, `scikit-learn`, `ruamel.yaml`.
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