Commit a75ebcd1 authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt
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add drone submodules

parent 0ca16cc6
......@@ -10,3 +10,9 @@
[submodule "salt/video/files/gst-prrt"]
path = salt/video/files/gst-prrt
url =
[submodule "salt/drone/crazyflie-clients-python"]
path = salt/drone/crazyflie-clients-python
url =
[submodule "salt/drone/crazyflie-lib-python"]
path = salt/drone/crazyflie-lib-python
url =
Subproject commit 3fa5b30c21eb52b5d6bf88a63b4955d5977fbb60
Subproject commit f90654e7b29d4e7116907a22452b692dae6a930f
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