Commit 7350f04c authored by Marlene Böhmer's avatar Marlene Böhmer

PRRT simple flightscript

parent 3e26ff00
This script shows a simple scripted flight path using the MotionCommander class.
Simple example that connects to the crazyflie at `URI` and runs a
sequence. Change the URI variable to your Crazyflie configuration.
import logging
import time
import cflib.crtp
from cflib.crazyflie.syncCrazyflie import SyncCrazyflie
from cflib.positioning.motion_commander import MotionCommander
URI = 'prrt://'
# Only output errors from the logging framework
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Initialize the low-level drivers (don't list the debug drivers)
with SyncCrazyflie(URI) as scf:
# We take off when the commander is created
with MotionCommander(scf) as mc:
print('Taking off!')
# We land when the MotionCommander goes out of scope
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