Commit f569e13a authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt

Receive returns IP string instead of bytes.

parent feadf321
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......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ cdef extern from "util/mpsc_queue.c":
cdef sockaddr_to_addr_and_port(sockaddr_in addr):
return (cprrt.PrrtSocket_inet_ntoa(&addr.sin_addr), cprrt.PrrtSocket_ntohs(addr.sin_port))
return (cprrt.PrrtSocket_inet_ntoa(&addr.sin_addr).decode("utf8"), cprrt.PrrtSocket_ntohs(addr.sin_port))
class PrrtCodingConfiguration:
def __init__(self, n, k, n_cycle=None):
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