Commit f181efe6 authored by Sven Liefgen's avatar Sven Liefgen
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Update prrt/proto/types/packet.h

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......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ PrrtPacket *PrrtPacket_create_redundancy_packet(uint8_t priority, void *payloadP
PrrtCodingConfiguration *codingParams);
bool PrrtPacket_decode(void *srcBuffer, uint16_t srcBufferSize, PrrtPacket *targetPacket);
bool PrrtPacket_decode_payload(void *srcBuffer, PrrtPacket *targetPacket);
bool PrrtPacket_decode_payload(void *srcBuffer, prrtPacketType_t packetType, void *payload, uint32_t payload_len);
bool PrrtPacket_encode(void *buf_ptr, uint16_t buf_size, PrrtPacket *packet_ptr);
bool PrrtPacket_encode_payload(void *buf_ptr, PrrtPacket *packet_ptr);
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