Commit f0b0e070 authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt

Small fix for duplicate declaration.

parent 1939c4ab
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......@@ -154,12 +154,6 @@ int PrrtSocket_connect(PrrtSocket *sock_ptr, const char *host, const uint16_t po
int PrrtSocket_send(PrrtSocket *sock_ptr, const uint8_t *data, const size_t data_len)
check(sock_ptr->isSender, "Cannot send on receiver socket.")
PrrtPacket *packet = PrrtPacket_create_data_packet(5, data, (prrtPacketLength_t) data_len,
check(sock_ptr->isSender, "Cannot send on receiver socket.")
PrrtTimestampPlaceholder tsph;
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