Commit c8977e16 authored by Stefan Reif's avatar Stefan Reif

Fix HandlePacketStart and HandlePacketEnd

Use ts_redundancy_packet when appropriate.
parent 2bd69c3f
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......@@ -236,9 +236,9 @@ void *receive_data_loop(void *ptr)
PrrtTimestampPlaceholderUse(sock_ptr, ts_redundancy_packet, seqno, &tsph2);
PrrtTimestampPlaceholderUse(sock_ptr, ts_redundancy_packet, seqno, &tsph3);
PrrtTimeStampCycle(sock_ptr, ts_data_packet, seqno, HandlePacketStart);
PrrtTimeStampCycle(sock_ptr, ts_redundancy_packet, seqno, HandlePacketStart);
handle_redundancy_packet(sock_ptr, packet);
PrrtTimeStampCycle(sock_ptr, ts_data_packet, seqno, HandlePacketEnd);
PrrtTimeStampCycle(sock_ptr, ts_redundancy_packet, seqno, HandlePacketEnd);
} else {
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