Commit ba373eae authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt

Fix invalid read.

parent 8c3374e3
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......@@ -167,9 +167,9 @@ bool PrrtReceiver_updateAndGenerateRateSample(PrrtReceiver *recv, prrtSequenceNu
PrrtPacket *packet = PrrtInFlightPacketStore_get_packet(packetStore, seqnum);
if (packet != NULL) {
PrrtReceiver_updateRateSample(recv->rateSample, packet, receiveTime, recv->packetTracking);
PrrtInFlightPacketStore_remove_outstanding_packet(packetStore, seqnum);
result = PrrtReceiver_generateRateSample(recv->rateSample, recv->packetTracking);
recv->packetTracking->pipe -= packet->payloadLength;
PrrtInFlightPacketStore_remove_outstanding_packet(packetStore, seqnum);
check(pthread_mutex_unlock(&recv->lock) == 0, "Unlock failed.");
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