Commit a4801866 authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt
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Fix double forward

parent 0d01f645
......@@ -157,10 +157,6 @@ static void handle_data_packet(PrrtSocket *sock_ptr, PrrtPacket *packet) {
PrrtChannelStateInformation_update_delivery_rate(sock_ptr->senderChannelStateInformation, payload->btlbw);
prrtSequenceNumber_t baseSequenceNumber = packet->sequenceNumber - packet->index;
// forward to application layer
debug(DEBUG_DATARECEIVER, "Forward: %u", seqno);
PrrtPacketDeliveryStore_insert(sock_ptr->packetDeliveryStore, packet);
PrrtPacket *reference = PrrtPacket_copy(packet);
// forward to application layer
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