Commit 9dbc32dc authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt

Add Python binding for setting targetdelay.

parent 23d3ae6c
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......@@ -67,12 +67,22 @@ cdef extern from "util/list.c":
cdef class PrrtSocket:
cdef cprrt.PrrtSocket* _c_socket
cdef bint isSender
cdef int32_t _targetDelay
def __cinit__(self, port, isSender):
self._c_socket = cprrt.PrrtSocket_create(isSender)
cprrt.PrrtSocket_bind(self._c_socket, "", port)
self.isSender = isSender
def target_delay(self):
return self._targetDelay
def target_delay(self, value)
self._targetDelay = value
cprrt.PrrtSocket_set_sock_opt(self._c_socket, "targetdelay", value)
def recv(self):
cdef char buffer[65536]
cdef int32_t len
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