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Remove netem from entrypoint.

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......@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@ fi
start=$(date +%s.%N);
echo "Running PRRT with command: \"$command $PRRT_PARAMS\" and link parameters: \"$NETEM_PARAMS\""
tc qdisc add dev $dev root netem $NETEM_PARAMS
#tc qdisc add dev $dev root netem $NETEM_PARAMS
LOG=`/prrt/$command $PRRT_PARAMS 2>&1`
printf "$LOG\n"
echo "Exit status: $?"
dur=$(echo "$(date +%s.%N) - $start" | bc);
printf "Done after %.6f seconds\n" $dur
tc qdisc del dev $dev root
#tc qdisc del dev $dev root
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