Commit 5176d564 authored by Kai Vogelgesang's avatar Kai Vogelgesang Committed by Andreas Schmidt
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Fix CodingConfig being created with invalid params

parent 80a68c16
......@@ -190,8 +190,9 @@ static void handle_redundancy_packet(PrrtSocket *socket, PrrtPacket *packet) {
PrrtBlock *block = PrrtRepairBlockStore_get_block(socket->repairBlockStore,
if (block == NULL) {
uint8_t n_cycle[1] = {redundancyPayload->n - redundancyPayload->k};
PrrtCodingConfiguration *codingParams = PrrtCodingConfiguration_create(redundancyPayload->k,
redundancyPayload->n, 0, NULL);
redundancyPayload->n, 1, n_cycle);
block = PrrtBlock_create(codingParams, PrrtSocket_get_matching_coder(socket, codingParams),
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