Commit 46d5f51d authored by Sven Liefgen's avatar Sven Liefgen
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Use timestamp for encode

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......@@ -1286,9 +1286,9 @@ fn transmit<C: 'static + Coder>(s: &mut SendSocket<C>, mut packet: DataPacket) {
if block.encode_ready() {
xlap::timestamp_cycle!(TS_REDUNDANCY, seqno.into(), PrrtEncodeStart);
xlap::timestamp_clock!(TS_DATA, seqno.into(), PrrtEncodeStart);
block.encode(&mut s.sequence_number_redundancy);
xlap::timestamp_cycle!(TS_REDUNDANCY, seqno.into(), PrrtEncodeEnd);
xlap::timestamp_clock!(TS_DATA, seqno.into(), PrrtEncodeEnd);
// TODO: unwrap
retransmission_round_handler(s.inner.clone(), block, s.send_data_queue.clone());
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