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import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import prrt
from prrt.HecSearch import HECFullSearch
from prrt.HecSearch import HECGreadySearch
import time
def evaluate(searchAlgorithm, appParams, channelParams, systemParams):
n_p_min = 1
n_p_max = get_n_p_max(channelParams.rtt_prop_fwd, channelParams.pkt_length, channelParams.data_rate_btl_fwd)
if searchAlgorithm == "FullSearch":
full_search = HECFullSearch(n_p_min, n_p_max, appParams, channelParams, systemParams)
start =
full_search_result =
duration = - start
return [full_search_result, duration]
if searchAlgorithm == "GreedySearch":
greedy_search = HECGreadySearch(n_p_min, n_p_max, appParams, channelParams, systemParams)
start =
greedy_search_result =
duration = - start
return [greedy_search_result, duration]
def test_case(csv_file_path):
appParams = prrt.PrrtApplicationParameters(max_latency, max_residual_loss_rate, data_rate)
chnlParams = prrt.PrrtChannelParameters(...)
sysParams = prrt.PrrtSystemParameters(...)
for searchAlgorithm in ["FullSearch", "GreedySearch"]:
config, duration = evaluate(searchAlgorithm, appParams, chnlParams, sysParams)
rows.append(..., search, config, duration)
def get_n_p_max(rtt_prop_fwd, pkt_length, data_rate_btl_fwd):
return rtt_prop_fwd * data_rate_btl_fwd / pkt_length
\ No newline at end of file
import pyximport; pyximport.install()
import itertools
def generate_restricted_integer_compositions(redundancy, positions, min, max):
cdef c_redundancy = redundancy
cdef c_positions = positions
cdef c_min = min
cdef c_max = max
if c_positions < 1:
raise StopIteration
if c_positions == 1:
if c_redundancy >= c_min and c_redundancy <= c_max:
yield (c_redundancy,)
raise StopIteration
for i in range(c_min, c_redundancy + 1):
for result in generate_restricted_integer_compositions(c_redundancy - i, c_positions - 1, i, c_max):
if (i <= c_max):
yield (i,) + result
# is_order_ascending = False for full search and True for greedy search
def gen_repair_schedules(redundancy, positions, min, max, is_order_ascending):
arbitrary_schedules = []
ordered_schedules = set()
gen_rics = generate_restricted_integer_compositions(redundancy, positions, min, max)
for ric in gen_rics:
if not is_order_ascending:
for ric in arbitrary_schedules:
return list(ordered_schedules)
return arbitrary_schedules
def gen_repair_schedule(redundancy, positions, min, max):
if(redundancy < positions * min or min > max):
raise Exception("Illegal input combinations. Make sure the min > max. And, number of total redundancy is greater that positions*min.")
opt_schedule = [min for p in range(positions)]
redundancy_left_over = redundancy - min * positions
last_index = positions - 1
while(redundancy_left_over > 0):
if(opt_schedule[last_index] < max):
opt_schedule[last_index] += 1
redundancy_left_over -= 1
last_index -= 1
return opt_schedule
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ import prrt
import time
import numpy as np
dataset_file_path = 'in_12_param_4_sz_mini_1000.csv'
dataset_file_path = 'documents/in_12_param_4_sz_mini_1000.csv'
def get_n_p_max(rtt_prop_fwd, pkt_length, data_rate_btl_fwd):
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