Commit 032fdea3 authored by Andreas Schmidt's avatar Andreas Schmidt
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Updating clock upon reception of data packet.

parent 871a5acd
...@@ -109,11 +109,11 @@ void *receive_data_loop(void *ptr) ...@@ -109,11 +109,11 @@ void *receive_data_loop(void *ptr)
prrtPacketType_t packetType = PrrtPacket_type(packet); prrtPacketType_t packetType = PrrtPacket_type(packet);
if(packetType == PACKET_TYPE_DATA) { if(packetType == PACKET_TYPE_DATA) {
// TODO: make something useful with RTT approximation
PrrtPacketDataPayload *payload = packet->payload; PrrtPacketDataPayload *payload = packet->payload;
debug("RTT: %u, Packet Timeout: %u", payload->groupRTT_us, payload->packetTimeout_us);
sock_ptr->lastSentTimestamp = PrrtPacket_get_data_timestamp(packet); prrtTimestamp_t dataTimestamp = payload->timestamp;
sock_ptr->lastSentTimestamp = dataTimestamp;
PrrtClock_update(sock_ptr->clock, dataTimestamp, payload->groupRTT_us);
check(send_feedback(sock_ptr, remote), "Sending feedback failed."); check(send_feedback(sock_ptr, remote), "Sending feedback failed.");
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